Trump is Trying to Steal the Election because he won’t be Re-elected

The Trump campaign is broke

Can’t win re-election with these kind of terrible favorability numbers

Facebook is cracking down on Trump and his right-wing allies. That doesn’t mean he won’t keep trying elsewhere.

This is intended to create chaos with the postal service. If there is doubt about mail delivery then people might not mail-in ballots:

Surveillance video captures rental truck dumping bags of mail in California parking lot

Washington Examiner

If you can’t win an election then what do you do? Overthrow the government. Trump is inciting right-wing militias to do just that.

Is Trump Planning a Coup d’État?

Trump won these 3 states in 2016. Does not bode well for his re-election chances if he can’t repeat.

This is why he calling for his followers to vote twice:

‘Nightmare scenario’: Senator warns that Trump is laying groundwork for election result mayhem

Warning of the very real chance of a “nightmare scenario” in which President Donald Trump misleads the American people over the results of the November election—or refuses to leave office voluntarily if voted out—Sen. Bernie Sanders is raising the alarm and mobilizing his army of supporters to be aware of just how dangerous a game the president is now playing.

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