Month: July 2021

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz Asks Corey Lewandowski: Why Isn’t Trump ‘Pushing More Forcefully’ for People to Get Vaccinated?

You mean deceive by example:

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz asked Corey Lewandowski on Sunday why former President Donald Trump isn’t “pushing more forcefully” for his supporters to get the vaccine.

Kurtz told the former Trump campaign manager that he does agree “the media never really gave him full credit for creating and carrying out Operation Warp Speed.”

However, he went on to ask, “Why doesn’t he sort of help complete this achievement by pushing more forcefully for many unvaccinated Americans, many of whom support him, to go out and get the shots?”

Lewandowski started by saying, “The president has taken the shot himself. He leads by example.”

Trump got the vaccine in January. He did not announce it at the time, and the public only learned about it from reports in March.