The #Resistance Report: 7-30-2019

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New York is in the house
Just a reminder. This is why we march.

Trump’s Racism Is a National Emergency

So we should act accordingly. Therefore we must fight this evil as if we had been invaded by a foreign power. Which is not far from what is actually happening. Trump has declared war on people of color in America. Time to liberate our country of his rule:

A white-nationalist presidency is untenable. Having to endure one while the man in the office has committed obvious crimes, such as obstruction of justice, is even worse. Add on the ever-increasing threat of white-supremacist domestic terrorism — which the FBI director warned about just last week and the administration’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric fuels like gasoline — and it is impossible not to conclude that the presidency is too powerful for someone as racist as Donald Trump.

Trump’s plan to kick 500,000 poor children off the free school lunch program was just uncovered

This is pure evil:

President Trump’s big plan to kick 3.1 million Americans working for poverty wages off of food stamps just hit a snag when a Democrat House Committee Chair revealed that it would also cancel free school lunches for half a million children.

Trump’s cruel plan to starve American workers would let states raise the requirements to get benefits from the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) by eliminating the work incentives that gradually decrease benefits when someone earns more money.

Donald Trump is the Real Rat

Donald Trump: ‘The Great Divider’

Donald Trump at a rally.

The problem is that the press is contributing to him achieving that goal by helping Trump spread his racist message/language/acts. He also does it to divert attention from his many legal problems:

Why is Donald Trump different from all other presidents? Because he deliberately divides the country for political gain. It’s his strategy for governing. He’s “The Great Divider.”

President Trump did not create the nation’s political division. It’s been growing for over 50 years. His predecessors — George H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama — all promised to heal the division. They all failed. Trump never pretended to be a healer. He saw the country’s division as a political opportunity he could exploit.

It worked for him in 2016. He expects it to work for him again in 2020. “I’m going to do it the same way I did it the first time,” Trump told ABC News. Not by broadening his support the way most incumbents do when they run for a second term. By hardening it.