Month: July 2020

Trump is Plotting to Stay in Power if he loses the Election

Trump knows he’s gonna lose the election in November. So he is plotting to stay in office by claiming the election was stolen from him. It then goes to the Supreme Court:

“Then what happens is it’s all geared towards December 14th. Why December 14th? Well, that’s the deadline when the electors of the states have to be chosen,” he elaborated. “Why is that key? Because that’s what the Supreme Court used in Bush v. Gore to cut off the Florida counting. They keep this national emergency investigation going through December 14th. Biden, of course, challenges this in the courts and says, ‘hey, we won these states, I want the electors that favored me named. The Supreme Court doesn’t throw the election to the Republicans as it did in 2000, instead it says, ‘look, there’s a deadline here.’ If they can’t be certified in these states because of this investigation going on, there’s a constitutional process for this.”

“What’s the constitutional process? It goes to the House of Representatives,” Roger continued. “Everybody says, ‘that’s good. Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats control the House. No. when a presidential election is thrown into the House of Representatives under the Constitution, it’s state-by-state vote. Each state gets one vote based on the number of Republicans and Democrats in that delegation. Today Republicans control the House on that kind of vote it 26-23 with on delegation, Pennsylvania split. Even if Pennsylvania was to elect a Democratic delegation, come this new election because it’s the new Congress that votes here, it would be 26 to 24 Republicans and Trump retains the presidency.”


The RNC Is Paying-off a Former Apprentice Hand Who Has Dirt on Trump

Frazer Harrison/Getty

How suspicious that the RNC would pay this guy money to do work for what? All of a sudden they are paying him to do work? It would make sense if he were hired to help organize the Republican National Convention. This smells to high heaven and should be looked into further:

Last year, the Republican National Convention began cutting checks to a former producer of NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice who was accused of having, as one contestant put it, “all the dirt” on Donald Trump.

From August 2019 through May 2020, the Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Convention made a dozen payments totaling more than $66,000 to Labella Worldwide, Inc. for “production consulting services.” The firm is run by Chuck Labella, a former NBC executive and the talent producer who worked on Donald Trump’s famous reality show.

Labella is not just a former Apprentice bigwig. According to actor Tom Arnold, who was a contestant on the show and has since become a vociferous Trump critic, Labella was in possession of Trump’s ostensibly salacious—and, in political and media circles, long-sought—behind-the-scenes Apprentice outtakes. “Chuck LaBella was there and knows all,” Arnold said.

The Daily Beast

This article was written before the RNC began to pay-off LaBella. How convenient. It is obvious that the money is intended to buy silence after it became public that LaBella might have dirt on the president:

Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s longtime personal lawyer, steered a client to Stormy Daniels’ then-attorney last fall, a year after the two men negotiated a secret $130,000 deal silencing the porn star about an alleged sexual encounter with Trump, Daniels’ attorney confirmed to CNN.

Keith M. Davidson said in a statement provided to CNN that Cohen gave his name to entertainment executive and Trump associate Chuck LaBella, who was being written about on Twitter by actor Tom Arnold.

The referral is potentially significant amid allegations of coziness between Davidson and Cohen contained in a lawsuit filed by another Davidson client, Karen McDougal, who also says she had an affair with Trump. The lawsuit claims that Davidson was part of a “broad effort to silence and intimidate her and others.” Davidson disputes that claim.

Arnold accused LaBella, who worked as a producer on NBC’s “The Apprentice” and on Trump’s Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants, of possessing damning information about the President. Arnold’s cryptic tweets did not provide details or evidence to back up his claims.